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High Quality Electric RQ-DSL-8B Counting Machine

High Quality Electric RQ-DSL-8B Counting Machine

RQ-DSL - B 8 Desktop Tablet & Capsule Counting Machine Introduction The machine adopts the most advanced electronic counting technology that is high dust resistant, is used to counting tablets, capsules, pills size ranges from 3mm~22mm and filling into bottles, vials, boxes, sachets after...

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Product Details

RQ-DSL-B8 Desktop Tablet & Capsule Counting Machine


The electronic counter machine adopts the advanced electronic counting technology that is high dust resistant, which is used to counting granule solid product ranges from 5.5mm~25mm and filling into bottles, vials, boxes, sachets after counting.

It is widely used in the industries such as pharmacy, food, chemical engineering, etc., such as tablet, capsule, pill, seeds, button, battery and so on. This electric counter is desktop type, which is suitable for small-batch production.

Main Features

1. Wide range usage for various kinds of product. It don’t need to replace any part when counting different product. Just change the parameter on the PLC.
2. It adapts Oscillatory type material loading, without damaging the drugs;
3. Multi detection and alarming control functions.
4. This electric counting machine also act as pill counting, tablet counting, capsule counting.
6. It may cost 1 min for re-setting the parameter, fast and convenient.
7. The automatic counting machine will stop filling product if there is no bottles.

Main Technical Parameters

Applicable target

00-5# capsule, soft capsule,Ø5.5-22mm tablet, shaped tablet, sugarcoated tablet and Ø3-12 pill;

Production capacity

10-30bottles/min 1000-4000 pc/min, each 7 hour shift 4500~13500 bottles/shift
Relevant to variety, size, vial specification and filling level.

Filling range

2-9999 grains (tablet adjustable)

Power consumption






Outline dim.

L x W x H (mm) 660*1280*780mm


Control Panel

Control Panel-控制面板.jpg


Photoelectric eye for bottle-看瓶电眼.JPGPhotoelectric eye for bottle-看瓶电眼.JPG

Electromagnetic Vibration Plate

Electromagnetic Vibration Plate-轨道.jpg



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